The Geropsychiatry Community Education Program is a shared service between the Community Mental Health Clinic, the Homewood Health Centre, and affiliated with St. Joseph’s Health Care in Guelph.

Through clinical and educational partnerships we work to enhance the attitude, knowledge and skills of professional and non-professional service providers and care givers in the area of seniors mental health issues. Education and consultation services are provided to Long-term Care Facilities, Retirement Homes and Hospitals and community agencies Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin.

Profile of Sponsoring Agencies:

Homewood Health Centre

Homewood Health Centre Inc., of Guelph, Ontario, is a fully accredited 312-bed mental and behavioural health facility, which is recognized as a provincial and national resource. We are privately owned, but publicly funded, serving a public purpose. For the past 118 years, we have served the needs of the local community, residents of Ontario and all regions of Canada.

Homewood Health Centre provides mental health care for chemical and behavioural addictions; eating disorders; post-traumatic stress; depression; stress and anxiety; acute psychiatry; schizophrenia; and mood disorders and addiction in older adults.

Trellis: Mental Health and Development Services:

We are a community based clinic providing mental health and developmental services to people of all ages in Wellington and Dufferin counties.

Our staff includes: social workers, mental health workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, early interventionists, behaviour therapists, family support workers and support staff.

Seniors, Adults, Children and Families, Developmental Services, Crisis Services.

St. Joseph's Health Centre 
(formerly St. Joseph's Hospital and Home)

focuses on long-term-care, complex continuing care, rehabilitation and community outreach programs. Recent developments include a 255-bed facility built in Summer 2002.

Judeo-Christian roots and Catholic tradition continue to inspire and guide the Sisters, Trustees, Staff, Physicians and Volunteers, as together we carry on the Church's healing mission today at St. Joseph's Health Center, Guelph.